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Multi-Genre Author of fiercely wicked rebel hearts who love with all their courageous soul.

Tag: post apocalypse

  • Getting started

    on inputting the edits for Treasures Discovered in the Forest. I decided on this one before the next in The Guardian of Life world so that I can have a temp mind adjustment. It’s a short story based in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world. An erotica for anyone who wanted a little based around […]

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  • Creations is up on paperback

    Okey folksies, Creations of the Galaxy is officially up on paperback. Not only that, but I also got Time of the Chosen back up. I had to update the interior, but then realized that it was going to make me have to charge a lot more money to the readers (lowest I could set it […]

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  • Creations of the Galaxy – Chapter One

    In 2346 the world fell, but Prism Sanctity was already on her way out.

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  • Finished Book One

    Yesterday I finished writing Book One in the Sorceress world. Aesyloraden – The Royal Golden Lands. So I will now be outlining and plotting out the second. I was going to do it a few weeks ago and gut said just wait a minute. Then do it once I was done with the first. Because […]

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