History – real or made up to suit an agenda

We are about to take a ride into the unknown. Into the abyss of that which is my mind. Please keep appendages inside the train. And if you enjoy the snacks, please pass on to another who may enjoy. Leave a comment, let me know if you like the dark!

Next book and schedule – community subscriptions!

Few things to cover. My new schedule for how I’ll be posting, where to find me active, and that sort of thing. The new book I’m working on is linked at the bottom.

Why it can be hard to learn to self-nurture for some.

Much of it is feeling a lack within. We haven’t given ourselves enough self love that when we need to find it to soothe, there’s nothing there to grab from.

Final stages of Witness before publication

Super behind on the blogging, I know. Been putting it off since I haven’t really wanted to discuss the book I’m writing, and haven’t had free time outside of editing.

Working on Mr. Finkle’s Grave Error

Today I’ll be getting to Mr. Finkle’s Grave Error. Ran out of time to work yesterday. Had to give one of the dogs a haircut so I knew I had to get to that and couldn’t work late. Hoping tomorrow or Wednesday to finally start inputting changes into Claiming the Enchantress.

This week is gonna be catch up

So I sent off Witness to the Moon to my editor on Friday as planned. I was going to input edits into Claiming the Enchantress today, then decided to do some “administrative” work like return some messages and the like. Well, now I’m thinking it may end up being the entire week I do so.