Quarter of the way in

Finally got some sleep last night, though not much better than the previous. Though I could NOT fall asleep before freaking Midnight. I was wide awake, unable to sleep, and then my arm started bugging me, lol. Story is going very good. I’m a quarter of the way in. It’s time we’re going to getContinue reading “Quarter of the way in”

Got a glimpse of Mila’s life to come

I appreciate all the comments about yesterday’s post. Happy that so many found it worth reading and commenting. Today I’m dealing with a lovely headache that just won’t go away. Aleve is usually my final go-to when all else fails and even that hasn’t made much of a difference so I’ve been taking it easy.Continue reading “Got a glimpse of Mila’s life to come”

Julian was paying close attention

I shouldn’t be surprised, really. As casual as Julian can be, he’s still a business man so for him, he takes in everything someone says, processes it, and will come to a conclusion in the same time it takes others just to finally hear everything said. His brain is designed to do that with greatContinue reading “Julian was paying close attention”

Currently at 49,045 words with Discovery of an Enchantress

Thought I’d share this featured image pic. I just shared it with my editor. Normally I don’t mention Khaleesi, but this is her little setup. Today is warm out so I have my window open and she’s chatting away with the birds outside. I’ll reshare it below too in case the entire image doesn’t showContinue reading “Currently at 49,045 words with Discovery of an Enchantress”


All of a sudden completely worn down feeling. That’s so weird, lol. My body has very interesting the past few days. On Saturday I just had pain hit me in my ankles, wrists, and a few bits of shooting pains in my knees. It came on all of a sudden and I was really tired.Continue reading “Consciousness”

Loads done yesterday – fun Mila in pool video

Fshew. This word count post is going to have both yesterday and today.  Yesterday I was busy trying to update my All Books page – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/all-books and then updating the home page http://kimberlysueiverson.com as well. Hadn’t realized how far behind I got in the books page until I started to fix things. And I also gotContinue reading “Loads done yesterday – fun Mila in pool video”

Yucky kinda day

Just extremely dizzy this morning and I’m not sure why that is. Occasionally it happens. Maybe caused by how I’ve slept or something. I went out to work in the yard for a little bit which helped my dizziness a little. Mila (of course) helped me loads. Really want a kiss from that thing, yeah?Continue reading “Yucky kinda day”

Well this just gets more interesting

I love sunflowers (featured image). Since it’s beautiful and sunny out, I thought I would look something up that resonated with that. I absolutely love when the weather is warm and sunny. The sun itself can get too bright and hot for me, but with proper care (I’m Irish and natural redhead, can’t blame me, lol) IContinue reading “Well this just gets more interesting”

Uh oh. So what did we find out?

Well. Today was a very interesting day. I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did. Do I ever though? Mila was busy figuring out how to help Kat after this latest vision. She explained that Kat wasn’t being drained of blood with these visions so why would she think that it wasContinue reading “Uh oh. So what did we find out?”

About to help the Queen

Before I get into the story from today I wanted to mention that I finalized the paperback files for The Culling Cycle just now. Needed just a few minor adjustments with the interior pages. Update on Cheyenne Here is a live shot on how little miss is doing. Needless to say, she is tucked under aContinue reading “About to help the Queen”

Connections are being placed

Good lordies. I just texted my editor while I’m waiting for this dang desktop to cooperate. It’s taken me an hour almost to get it going. My web pages are loading like I’m working on good ol’-fashioned freakin land line modem internet. And then trying to get my book to open in Word? It’s downloadingContinue reading “Connections are being placed”

So much to track at this point

Little too busy today, but managed to get some writing in, thankfully. As I shared on Instagram last night, this was the main reason why. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kimberly Sue Iverson (@kimberlysueiverson) Now that she is feeling better, it’s even more work because I’m trying to keep her fromContinue reading “So much to track at this point”

Well, they have met. Now what?

The featured image entertains me. That was last night. Mila decided to sit in front of me and tell me she wasn’t tired!  I didn’t know until after I clicked that the timing was perfect to closed eyes, haha. Her eyes kept drifting shut over and over again. Here it is again in case it doesn’t showContinue reading “Well, they have met. Now what?”

Following their gut

Taking a break from working with pizza dough (it’s rising to make homemade pizza tonight) to write this up. Also washing dog blankets and formatting The Culling Cycle for sale. Working on replacing italics in the Nuclear Purge Method that Smashwords recommends. Also dealing with Cheyenne (shih tzu) being sick all night has left meContinue reading “Following their gut”

Electronics fail

Currently wanting to ring the neck of my desktop computer. I’ve been working on my laptop and forgot just how much faster it worked compared to the desktop. On top of that, I have to update Office Word, and my OneDrive is syncing so that is limiting what I can do. I can’t access myContinue reading “Electronics fail”

Just more from yesterday

It was mostly a continuation of yesterday’s scene. I went back and filled in more because I like a certain number of pages per Word chapter, and I know when a scene has ended by the feel of that part of the story if that makes sense. So there isn’t much to really say. MilaContinue reading “Just more from yesterday”

If Stefan can focus please . . . and not on Mila

2,040 words is pretty good  for about an hour. Especially for the start of a book. Sometimes getting my brain going is difficult, especially since this isn’t picking up where I left off as much as continuing of a long ago written series. I say long ago when I really mean a year or two?Continue reading “If Stefan can focus please . . . and not on Mila”