Over the weekend

I’m probably gonna be reading this. I’ve been wanting to get this book for a few months since hearing about these two, and having interest in learning about the Imago relationship idea. Here’s a good link to check out – https://imagorelationships.org/imago/safe-conversations/ Also because y’all know I love me some psychology. The human mind, what itContinue reading “Over the weekend”

What happens when our consciousness expands

We either meet a person who seems so advanced or spiritual and they seem to know things we don’t. Or we simply can’t grasp and understand a word they’re saying. When I say that, I think of Eckhart Tolle. Years ago I read his book and I’m not sure if it were in one ofContinue reading “What happens when our consciousness expands”

Forgive them. Now thank them.

Forgive them because you both need it. Thank them for adding to your growth as a human being. I understand him in ways that is hard to put to words. One minute I want to ring his neck. The next minute I’m all, I getchoo boy. No worries. Either way, I love him. He’s teachingContinue reading “Forgive them. Now thank them.”

Starting final read through of DITB – Extended Edition & online connections – some thoughts

In just a bit I will be doing a final read through of Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition. Not too much to do but skim at this point since I don’t have anything really to change. It’s more of a double-check round to see if I have certain scenes the way I wantContinue reading “Starting final read through of DITB – Extended Edition & online connections – some thoughts”

Now what is this new development?

Getting even closer to the end. I was hoping that Mila and Verrick would show in this book. Sort of a hint of both at the end-ish so that when I continued into this tale (through the next two books), it’s almost like a carrot dangling in front of a horse encouraging him to follow, lol.Continue reading “Now what is this new development?”

A healthy balance in life

Got so deep into the story I completely forgot about checking the time, despite the clock being in my face. Since I’ve been writing on the laptop, the clock is right there the bottom right corner and easily seen if I’m writing. I check it without thinking during my writing, or when using the laptopContinue reading “A healthy balance in life”

Wow. They are passion personified

The other day I mentioned Kat and Julian’s connection and their intensity.  Weeeelll, today they may have taken advantage of the thoughts that both of them were sharing. I’m not going to share what I wrote in the book today because erm . . . it’s a little steamy.

She about to enter the snake pit

Kitty Kat is fixing to enter the snake pit. She’s acquiesced to the demands Sean asked for. Julian went along with it, but only barely. The King doesn’t like having to share her time with Sean. He knows he has no choice in this matter.  Not because he’s “sharing” her time, as much as whoContinue reading “She about to enter the snake pit”

What do you want out of a relationship? A great question I heard recently.

What do you want out of a [romantic] relationship? Part of me trying to better myself as a human being and woman, has been to read anything I can get my hands on about anything in that area. Even such things that most people wouldn’t give thought to, or figure they already know, like takingContinue reading “What do you want out of a relationship? A great question I heard recently.”

Break yourself open

The written word is the entry into my heart. Poetry written just for me, stories, whatever it may be. Tales of your childhood, your life, the horrors you’ve seen, the experiences you’ve had. Show me your vulnerability and depth, show me the darkest place in your soul. The more you expose the rawest parts ofContinue reading “Break yourself open”

What five little balls of fluff taught me about love

Found this in my draft archives. Little more open than I’ve been on this blog, and in general, but I’m gonna suck it up and share because I’ve had this in my head for the past month or so. I blame Christmas approaching. Their fifth birthday was May 14, 2016 so this was written lastContinue reading “What five little balls of fluff taught me about love”