What happens when our consciousness expands

We either meet a person who seems so advanced or spiritual and they seem to know things we don’t. Or we simply can’t grasp and understand a word they’re saying. When I say that, I think of Eckhart Tolle. Years ago I read his book and I’m not sure if it were in one ofContinue reading “What happens when our consciousness expands”

Didn’t expect that

It’s funny. You never realize how much words can impact a person. Even now, even after all these years of writing and mine doing just that. One just never truly knows how much they can impact another person by the things they say. Sometimes we think we’re not going to make such an impact. WeContinue reading “Didn’t expect that”

Support each other

I don’t think any of us really understand the impact of what we say, what we do, or even our existence. You may not hear about it, you may not see it, but right now out there, someone’s life is changing because of you. Because of something you said, something you did, or something youContinue reading “Support each other”

They only have the power you give them

I am the wrong person to dump on. I used to feel responsible for EVERYTHING because of the blame that individuals in my life put on me. They made it a point to blame me for every single thing that went wrong, and still do. So I felt shame over everything and anything I did.Continue reading “They only have the power you give them”