Now what is this new development?

Getting even closer to the end. I was hoping that Mila and Verrick would show in this book. Sort of a hint of both at the end-ish so that when I continued into this tale (through the next two books), it’s almost like a carrot dangling in front of a horse encouraging him to follow, lol.Continue reading “Now what is this new development?”

Free Friday Snippet from Hope of the Future – SciFi

Today’s Free Friday Snippet comes from Hope of the Future. The first book that sets the stage for The Guardian of Life Science Fiction Fantasy series.

Hope of the Future #excerpt #teaser

HOPE OF THE FUTURE excerpt for you while I edit. This book is going slow. The publishing date has pushed back a month, and I am just hoping I get the time to dedicate to the editing so I can get it out by January. Too many medical issues happening around this house, which aren’tContinue reading “Hope of the Future #excerpt #teaser”

Beta Readers wanted for: Hope of the Future

I am seeking beta readers for Hope of the Future. Layla and Margaret, no need to contact me, I still have you on my list, as well as Renee. I will contact you separately. 🙂 If you signed up previously and never got back to me, I will save us both the trouble and askContinue reading “Beta Readers wanted for: Hope of the Future”