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  • Almost forgot

    Almost forgot

    This is why I do these before I edit. I almost forgot! lol I get so dang into the editing (or book cover making), then suddenly all day has passed by. Well, not that bad, but it can so easily get that bad. So not talkie about the story. But I did want to share…

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  • On Terrariums 

    On Terrariums 

    Terrariums are fascinating to me. Everything about them I adore. Even the possibility of finding a fairy.

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  • Where will it end

    Where will it end

     I’m at 61 thousand + words and I feel like there is much more to tell. I’m very curious if I’ll be able to complete this book, or it’ll keep going. I think I can, but it may end up being a lot longer than normal. I could well go to the 100K mark, just…

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  • Just words

      Late so just word count Word count I started Friday with: 57,681 Word count I ended Monday with: 59,509 Total for the day: 1,828 words     Question of the Day: Describe your perfect house. Use images if you like.   *the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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  • Eet’s meh 36th birthday

    Eet’s meh 36th birthday

    I’m so wiped. Had a tummy ache today this morning, which is always exhausting. On top of that, I’ve been trying to build a tall arbor for a climbing rose, not a wide one, so I’ve been digging posts a lot. Well, it’s one post, but I’ve had to dig multiple holes for it, haha.…

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  • On creating island beds in the front yard

    Been working on the front yard off and on when I can. My mom gave me the okay to go ahead and landscape the front yard. Since it’s her house/yard, I won’t do something like that unless she’s okay with it because the front yard is a big deal for her. She cares what people…

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  • On magic being found within the earth

    I love to work in the yard and in the garden. To me, there is always something magical about doing so. I feel connected to the earth, in more ways than one. I’m not sure where, or when, it started, but I have always felt a sort of spirit, if you will, within plants, the…

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  • Love the coloring of these rhododendrons. #gardening

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  • Can’t wait to have my mini roses blooming. This is one from last year. I love this picture. #gardening #minirose #rose

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