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Free Friday Snippet from Under Empty Stars

The book I’m currently editing is Under Empty Stars. And today’s snippet will come from that book. Then there was her. The one who wouldn’t let him. Kept touching him, feeding him. Heat built inside him and he flipped the small switch upward on the console. He’d avoid focusing on her. Needed to anyway. Distraction. Nothing for […]

Daughter of the Red Planet science fiction Under Empty Star Under Empty Stars

The moment we’re introduced to Stone – free Friday snippet

Been a few weeks since I’ve posted a free Friday snippet. Apologies. Just a quiet time for me. Today, our snippet comes from the novel, Daughter of the Red Planet. This is the first time we’re introduced to Stone.  


Dragon’s Dawn A.H. Browne

Dragon’s Dawn by A.H. Browne. Are you looking for a free download of Dragon’s Dawn? Years ago, I changed my pen name because another author was using that name, and I wanted a fresh start. So I used my full name on books, versus the abbreviation. When I did I pulled all the books, then one […]