Dark Illusions Dark Moon Dynasty Universe

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition – Chapter One

Days after Cameron and a few of the other Raaka clan—her clan, she was disgusted to admit—nearly killed Julian, Kat was stunned to find Julian cooking breakfast for her in the morning. Well, what was their morning hour. Because close to a week prior, he nearly died. Humans made breakfast in the morning and the […]

Claiming the Enchantress Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Discovery of an Enchantress

So it begins and they are adorable together – tasty excerpt.

And so Mila and Stefan’s story begins. They aren’t in a huge storyline yet. I decided I would pick up their tale from the castle and go from there. It starts where I left Claiming the Enchantress. Figured I would but wasn’t sure. Never know how a story will start or where it will go. Turns […]

Under Empty Star Under Empty Stars

Quiet here

“Stone went down. Hard. The leaves raised from the ground and settled down as if a large tree had fallen.”

The Guardian of Life Under Empty Star Under Empty Stars

Free Friday Snippet from Under Empty Stars

The book I’m currently editing is Under Empty Stars. And today’s snippet will come from that book. Then there was her. The one who wouldn’t let him. Kept touching him, feeding him. Heat built inside him and he flipped the small switch upward on the console. He’d avoid focusing on her. Needed to anyway. Distraction. Nothing for […]


Free Friday Snippet – Royal Blood

“What did it make you remember?”

Daughter of the Red Planet science fiction Under Empty Star Under Empty Stars

The moment we’re introduced to Stone – free Friday snippet

Been a few weeks since I’ve posted a free Friday snippet. Apologies. Just a quiet time for me. Today, our snippet comes from the novel, Daughter of the Red Planet. This is the first time we’re introduced to Stone.  


Today’s Free Friday Snippet from Cessation

Taking a break from editing Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood. Moving right along. Less than a hundred pages left in the book before going over it for a final perusal (quick read) and sending to Jeanie. Forgot to post this yesterday on Friday, but still, it’s my Free Friday Snippet! Today’s snippet comes from the first book […]

hope of the future The Guardian of Life

Free Friday Snippet from Hope of the Future – SciFi

Today’s Free Friday Snippet comes from Hope of the Future. The first book that sets the stage for The Guardian of Life Science Fiction Fantasy series.


Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice – Chapter 1

Check out this free preview of Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice. Read the first chapter, then grab the full copy from all major retailers.


Who wants a huge bundle of free books?

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Blood By Night

Blood By Night – Chapter One

One “I refuse to marry him.” Pacing in front of her father’s desk with her hands on her hips, Kylarra suppressed the growl working its way up. Her aggravation was as clear as day. The dark interior of Viktor’s office grew darker with her mood. Normally it was a place of comfort. Today, anything but. […]

Dark Illusions

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Chapter One

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Chapter One