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Ancient Scars – Chapter One

Chapter One Everything is dead or dying. How can anyone live in this atmosphere? They can’t. I can’t. The vast atmosphere laid out before her was filled with various hues of brown, tan, deep red, or black. It depressed her; exhausted her. The red sun and red moon combined their efforts and bore down hard […]

Don't Go Far

Don’t Go Far – Chapter One

Mina Nichols sprinted across the sodden field, hoping to get back to her family’s modest home sooner, rather than later. Her shoes sunk into the muddy sludge attempting to pass for a meadow, hampering her progress.

immortal separation

Immortal Separation – Chapter One

Chapter One     Lana stood off to the side to observe the comic show that humans provided on occasion. A massive yacht had tipped onto its side, and a large crowd had gathered. They were curious to see how the people who owned the yacht would right the beast, then get the vessel back […]

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Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Chapter One

Kat made sure the doors to her vehicle were locked, turned toward the building, and froze. Someone was not-so-casually clearing their throat to get her attention.