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  • Where will it end

    Where will it end

     I’m at 61 thousand + words and I feel like there is much more to tell. I’m very curious if I’ll be able to complete this book, or it’ll keep going. I think I can, but it may end up being a lot longer than normal. I could well go to the 100K mark, just…

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  • Just words

      Late so just word count Word count I started Friday with: 57,681 Word count I ended Monday with: 59,509 Total for the day: 1,828 words     Question of the Day: Describe your perfect house. Use images if you like.   *the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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  • Eet’s meh 36th birthday

    Eet’s meh 36th birthday

    I’m so wiped. Had a tummy ache today this morning, which is always exhausting. On top of that, I’ve been trying to build a tall arbor for a climbing rose, not a wide one, so I’ve been digging posts a lot. Well, it’s one post, but I’ve had to dig multiple holes for it, haha.…

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  • So much going on today

    So much going on today

    Too much going on. Just word count.   Word count I started Friday with: 53,266 Word count I ended Monday with: 55,761 Total for the day: 2,495 words     Question of the Day: What are your favorite toppings for a sandwich?   *the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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  • Mila’s Biscuits

    Mila’s Biscuits – a delicious and simple to make biscuit recipe that will earn you lots of cheers

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