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Got Into The Midst formatted

So I’ve been working on getting it uploaded this morning and afternoon. Kept having to fix small things that I’d missed again and again. Just title fixes in my lists of books. Then the links to my Facebook page. Changed it to For whatever reason I got a massive dose of deja vu writing […]

Scorched Silence

She faces a tough decision

Who am I referring to? Kora Clark in Scorched Silence. Today was the first day she had a last name. She is my main lead. We shall discuss one of her decisions today. She is faced with a difficult one right now. The man who made her have to run away from the place she’d […]

Editing Tips Law of the Beast

Where I’m at – Law of the Beast

As I stated yesterday, I was nearing the end of inputting changes with Law of the Beast. I mentioned part of my editing process and that I was going to be searching out words in particular that I wanted to go over before sending it off. In this case, I’m actually going over a search […]

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Sitting behind closed curtains

I actually am, lol. It’s so freakin sunny today and right now my furniture faces the window so the sun is RIGHT in my face. I just shut the curtain. Too bright. I love it though. So happy to see bright blue skies. My keyboard play has migrated to stealing my brother’s keyboard and trying […]