Didn’t have time to post

I was so busy and so painfully exhausted last week that I didn’t bother to take the time to write a post Friday. Jeanie got Law of the Beast back to me so on Friday I went ahead and perused it since she said she didn’t have too many issues on that round. This isContinue reading “Didn’t have time to post”

Goes along with yesterday’s post

The book that is. Prism got her moment she wanted. She wanted to know what was going on. Gaarn understood that. He understood the need for it. On her side too. I don’t think it was about his. I think it was something from his own past as a warrior and perhaps being hired toContinue reading “Goes along with yesterday’s post”

The different way people make us feel

Been thinking about that as of late. We are surrounded by people no matter how closed off we become, no matter how reclusive some live, social media might be their place to connect, over the phone, even random people showing up at their door. Day to day life. Work. School. So many places, so manyContinue reading “The different way people make us feel”

Major progress with the book

Today I got in a good 2221 words. That made me happy. With how little I was able to write last week because of the editing, if I have a few days like this, I am going to have made up for the last week. I had this particular passage that I wrote today whichContinue reading “Major progress with the book”

It has been a big week

The past week and a half has been a big one. I ended up having to stop writing because Law of the Beast needed my entire focus. My brain was struggling to focus on the edits. Partially from exhaustion, but also from the eye pain I was dealing with. I basically overdosed on moisturizing dropsContinue reading “It has been a big week”

This will be short

Mostly because I’m tired, but also because it’s late and I gotta go deal with laundry soon. Wanted to share what I’ve been talking about. This is what it’s looking like when I’m editing at this point. Copying, pasting, reading over. lol

Getting close

We are at the point with Law of the Beast, that soon I will be having to grab Witness to the Moon, and go back and forth on all the conversations to make sure that what is in Witness matches what is in Law of the Beast. As I’ve mentioned previously (multiple times), I don’tContinue reading “Getting close”

May as well play into it

I had another fun day of writing despite being woke early today. Mila had a stomach ache this morning so she woke me at 5 am (I usually wake around 6:30 am) and wanted to run outside. We also had rain so there were a couple more times that she wanted to go out, butContinue reading “May as well play into it”

Always nice to figure things out after

Just discovered an interesting little piece of information. Had anyone been trying to call me the past few months, I wasn’t getting notice! If they left me a voicemail, or sent me a text, I’d know. But just calling? They’d have gotten ringing and then the voicemail picking up. I noticed that because the otherContinue reading “Always nice to figure things out after”

Author freebies

Totally forgot that the 28th for this month was gonna end up on the weekend. I have been taking the weekend off, but especially Sunday so that I have a brain break. It gets too peopley for me during the week, and workey, so brainey needs a breakey. lol Yesterday I ended up beginning theContinue reading “Author freebies”

This is gonna be linked in my newsletter

Doing another load of laundry, made brother lunch, probably gonna have to pause to make my mom some in a minute as she just got up. So I’m probably not going to have much information in this particular post, but that’s because I want to use it for recipes. Recipes with less ingredients, simplistic recipes,Continue reading “This is gonna be linked in my newsletter”

I’m totally failing posting daily right now

Goodness. I’m using the new Edge browser (not the older version) and the composer for WordPress looks different. I like it though. Very clean. Writing is going well now that I’m getting my focus back on track. I was struggling the past few days, and nothing much has changed outside of being exhausted. So IContinue reading “I’m totally failing posting daily right now”

Busy Bee

Over the weekend (this kinda includes Friday) I’d gotten fed up enough to reset my phone. It keeps shutting down every ten-fifteen minutes when I’m doing something. The app shuts down, not the phone. So I figured the weekend was a good time to do a reset. I’d have the time to get all myContinue reading “Busy Bee”

Prism is gaining sympathy toward the strangers

She is also finding out that living on Earth, she was awarded a lot more freedoms than others in the “system,” as Kreeya put it. Because in their world, they have to have permission and go through a process to have a child. Whereas in Prism’s world, and where she grew up? Totally different. OnContinue reading “Prism is gaining sympathy toward the strangers”

I am gonna do my best to give you a focus outside of the “noise.”

Copying this post from the other day, I saw the mention of my eye. I copy them because it puts that word count stuff below so I don’t have to worry about copying and pasting all that. Helps formatting and all. Takes less time for me to compose them. My eye has been much better,Continue reading “I am gonna do my best to give you a focus outside of the “noise.””

Good morning of words

I’ve been trying to take it easy with digital stuff today. Screen time in general. I watched TV in the morning as I usually do for an hour to wake up, but I haven’t played my Pirates game I usually pop on and off with during the day. Then I have been careful about howContinue reading “Good morning of words”

It is okay to be lonely. To be angry. To feel.

A huge part of being afraid to open up and be vulnerable is that the other side struggles to hear us. Plenty are open to listening us, but with intentions behind it. Say, listening to answer. Listening to offer a fix. Listening to judge. Listening only to then push us off on another, “you shouldContinue reading “It is okay to be lonely. To be angry. To feel.”

Making some changes

Due to some little things here and there, including receiving a “password reset” email from Instagram for my current account on Friday, I decided it best to completely separate and change my emails about. (Note: if you get one of those, go to Instagram (not from the email!) and go into the Settings. Forget whatContinue reading “Making some changes”

Since it’s late, not much to say

Busy editing so I’ll make this a fairly quick post. Nothing too much to focus on. Prism went to sleep and discovered that the scent she’d smelled around Gaarn and that room surrounded the bed, which comforted her. So not really too much. Some of the stuff they spoke on was of important so obviouslyContinue reading “Since it’s late, not much to say”

How much longer before Prism’s life gets upended again?

Last night was a toughie. Yugh. I was dealing with a headache all day that I tried to take Aleve for. Usually is my go to and it typically helps, but not yesterday. Last night it migrated into dizzies and I was so worn out that by the time I went to bed, I wasContinue reading “How much longer before Prism’s life gets upended again?”