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Mila’s Biscuits

Mila’s Biscuits – a delicious and simple to make biscuit recipe that will earn you lots of cheers

Dark Illusions paperback paranormal

Dark Illusions: The Beginning Paperback

Finishing the DARK ILLUSIONS: THE BEGINNING paperback today or tomorrow. Yippity pippity!

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Home stretch

Here’s a quickie update while I take a break for a minute from editing. I have to go get some more water. No, that’s not the update. I am on the home stretch here, and I’m thinking that next Friday, I should be sending off Don’t Go Far to meh editor. [happy dance with me] […]

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#Amwriting- Surpassing word count

Surpassing my word count, and definitely passing the 80K mark by the time I’m finished writing. Want a Kennedy teaser?

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Hope paperback!

The Hope paperback proof has arrived!

Don't Go Far News

Quickie Update #amediting #dontgofar

Wanted to post a quick tidbit on updates.

I just noticed that I am at page 150/278 so that leaves me with 128 pages left to heavy edit.

Goblin Care 101 Video

[Video] Khaleesi making her own game up

For days I’ve been cleaning paper strips out of Khaleesi’s bird bath.

Since I’m editing with the my door open, Khaleesi has to have her cage closed so she doesn’t leave the room. I heard noises behind me and looked to find that she decided to make her own game up. Pick a piece of paper up, dunk it, dunk it, ooopsy, then leave it in the water and go find a new piece.

Journaling News

Doing something that scares the living hell outta me

The past few weeks, I have been dealing with stress overload on a lot of fronts. I felt like . . . I was on the verge of dipping my toes back into Hell pretty much. Now, I’m not going to go into what was going on, but I will tell you what came out […]