Nearing the end of Guardians of The Void

I started to write Guardians of The Void on August 24, 2020. I am nearing the end of it. Not because I’ve been writing faster, truthfully. Just been having some really good writing days so that I’ve been able to get in over 2K words. Maybe it is a tiny speed up. It hit meContinue reading “Nearing the end of Guardians of The Void”

Using every spare minute I can find

I am writing these blogs whenever I can find a minute here and there. People have asked how I find time to write daily, or when they have a FT job, or kids, on and on. So I am currently the advice I always give – find every spare minute you can. That. That isContinue reading “Using every spare minute I can find”

Louis is the epitome of

Those guys. This may offend folks with discussing this, or it may straight up make them wanna go on the defensive, but others will nod and go yup. I know him. I know that guy. Note – please do remember this is a fictional character I’m speaking on. Most of my blogs are about myContinue reading “Louis is the epitome of”

Prepping myself for the next book

Today, maybe tomorrow too, depending on how long it takes me to write up the notes, I am prepping to start my next project. I appreciate those who offered their thoughts on the title over on Facebook and my other social platforms. And those who helped me narrow down. The final title got a littleContinue reading “Prepping myself for the next book”

Sent Birth of a Princess off

So funny. I was going to write, “Dark Illusions.” Not sure which one, but one of them. Caught myself before the brain fully formed it, so who knows. Friday I was able to send Birth of a Princess off as planned. Kept having things pulling me away from the computer so I’m actually very gladContinue reading “Sent Birth of a Princess off”

Started Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern

Yesterday I started to write Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern I am already at 3,448 words for two days worth of writing so the story is flowing pretty well. Also, I don’t know if any of you are on Parler (pronounced par-lay), but I saw a post from someone I follow on Instagram so I wasContinue reading “Started Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern”

Just keep going

Gonna start this with some adorable photos that I took yesterday of the baby cottontail growing up in our yard. Sadly (not sure how) his family must not have survived because he’s the only one I’ve seen. Mom and Dad show up here and there, but I haven’t seen siblings. Unless they (the rabbits) tendContinue reading “Just keep going”

What do they really want?

Note – I have been working on this over the past few days because part of me is fully aware that I may face attacks. I did when I voiced an opinion recently. They said to me that I would be very easy to find – a personal threat. They also called me a nameContinue reading “What do they really want?”

Why them?

Why choose a partner? Why choose that particular individual as a partner? Goes along with the theme of relationships in my head as of late. This is a question though that I’ve been focused on for a while, but I wanna say it was around late last year that I really started to put itContinue reading “Why them?”

Quiet somber day

Just feels like it, doesn’t it? All the posts honoring the fallen and showing gratitude for them, for their families, all of it. It’s been nice to see the quiet reflective atmosphere halt all the rest for a minute. I haven’t lost anyone who was in the military close to me, but it does usuallyContinue reading “Quiet somber day”

Just feel irritated today

[Written yesterday] I don’t even know why. I was telling Colin this morning that I am irritated and just feel “off.” After yoga, I kept trying to unpack it and determine the why. I came up with a few reasons, but none that have that little aha! moment inside. I was considering that it mayContinue reading “Just feel irritated today”

Having to think about things

Today I reached a point in Creations of the Galaxy that my brain showed me some upcoming scenes and I had to pause. I had to pause because I saw a potential scene come to mind that I don’t like to write. I was jotting down notes for what may come for Prism, knowing thatContinue reading “Having to think about things”

Feels kinda like I’m disconnected

You ever get that feeling? Where it’s like, you’re going through your day and you’re doing everything you should, but it’s almost as if you’re on a default mode. Autopilot, but still cognizant of what you’re doing. Could just be the product of having freakin woke up around 5:30 am. lol But I do occasionallyContinue reading “Feels kinda like I’m disconnected”

Sleepy girl

It’s 1:30 pm and I could probably go pass out if I laid down. Or at least I could pretend to, lol. I still have my freebies up if you want to grab a copy of one of the books, or you have a friend who may like to check it out – Free untilContinue reading “Sleepy girl”

Story going again

Figured I should update since it’s been a few days. Just tired. Lot of stuff pulling me in a bunch of directions so I haven’t wanted to use the energy to post. Also, until end of May, don’t forget (if you haven’t seen it) that I have the first in all of my series upContinue reading “Story going again”

A bit of a hiccup

I was going along smoothly with Creations of the Galaxy, already having realized that the way the story headed, it was a bit different than I planned. I previously mentioned that it ended up headed toward more of a “discovery” tale than anything else. A story about connection, not where my mind headed, which wasContinue reading “A bit of a hiccup”

Didn’t even completely occur to me

In my head, as I wrote that about the perceived free society yesterday (Trust has been on my mind) I knew it may get under the skin of some people, but until this afternoon, I didn’t really consider it. One of those things where you are aware, but yet not? Then it hit me this afternoonContinue reading “Didn’t even completely occur to me”

Trust has been on my mind

My best friend and I were discussing trust this morning. She’d sent me a link to a video that exposed the you-know-what happening in the world right now, and a news place who purposely had more people stand in line to show how “crazy,” it was and “bad off,” things were for the story. AContinue reading “Trust has been on my mind”

Never really considered it before

I had this epiphany hit me the other day. It was interesting. I live with two individuals who tend to hoard. One especially. There are stacks of books, stack of magazines, stacks of all sorts of stuff around the house. This is something that drives me batty. I try to throw away absolutely everything thatContinue reading “Never really considered it before”

Thinking about changes

It’s amazing how much we can change day to day, month to month, years later. I was talking with my best friend earlier today (yesterday from when I post this) and I was discussing how I used to be so different from the way I am now. A lot of it I do attribute toContinue reading “Thinking about changes”