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Characters for ya #amwriting

Entertaining to be disgusted by your own characters. Here’s what I mean –

Me and my word count My Writing Process

I keep forgetting to do these posts. Word Count – June 13, 2015 #amwriting

Okay, so I’m behind in this and will have to remember which book I last worked on so that I can make another one of these posts. When I was filling out my information I also realized that I should start a spreadsheet to calculate the figures for me, and then tell me my average […]

300 Word Friday Ellie

300 Word Friday – Ellie – 6/5/2015 #Scifi #Horror #Thriller

300 Word Friday is where I share exactly 300 words from whatever it is that I’m working on at that second, or during that day. Today we are checking in with Ellie.


#ArianasWriting – today’s bit of writing is from the Ellie story

Sharing a bit of the story I’m working on. Jeremiah smirked—a rare thing—and grabbed a piece of bread to stuff in his mouth. Why they bothered, she had never figured out. Maybe it was nothing more than the entertainment factor. Food did nothing for them. It went in and turned to dust, as anything else […]