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  • Anora paperback

    Anora paperback

    Has been formatted and sent off. Awaiting the proof to double-check it all and determine if it’s ready for sale. I don’t think there should be issues. Usually it’s only the covers that I have to alter a bit. Simple things that don’t hold it up long for sale. Here is a preview of the…

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  • Anora – Chapter One

    Anora – Chapter One

    The sun drifted lazily through the boughs of the trees. Feeling no need to push on such a relaxing day, the rays shimmered and filtered amongst the feathery tendrils. A mixture of evergreens, oak, fir, pine, cedar, and even a few old redwoods. None of them competing for space, all of them working harmoniously together…

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  • Day late, but still a win

    Technically I wrote yesterday. Buuuut, I am posting this on Saturday. I had the release of Blood by Night yesterday (thank you to the ones who’ve purchased it!) and I was trying to get my newsletter fixed to send. I was wiped by the time I wrote it so I’m sure I forgot some of the stuff I…

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  • Spring couldn’t come soon enough

    Working on Witness to the Moon this week. Didn’t write yesterday because I hadn’t slept much so most the brain shut down. My knee decided to hire some little monsters to carve it up into pieces and I made the mistake of thinking that stretching the muscles out would help. Oh boy howdy did it do anything…

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