Book Review – Michael Crichton – Micro

  I am, and have always been, a huge fan of Michael Crichton. I didn’t know that I had one of his books in my stash that I hadn’t read – from my brother’s stash that I confiscated. I couldn’t get into my last book that I tried to read, so I grabbed this one,Continue reading “Book Review – Michael Crichton – Micro”

Dean Koontz – Hideaway

I grabbed this book to read from my pile that I have owned for a long time. I once splurged and went a bit crazy with that paperbacks at $0.01 and then just a few bucks shipping. I used it to stock up on Dean Koontz and Stephen King books. Hideaway was an olderContinue reading “Dean Koontz – Hideaway”

Book Review – The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

I have had The Secret on my mind for a while. I finally chose to buy it so I could read it and I’m quite happy that I did. I used to reference this book as sounding like the book I read as a young teen called, Being Happy. I ended up being right aboutContinue reading “Book Review – The Secret – Rhonda Byrne”

Book Review – Christopher Reeve – Still Me

This is a powerful book. Most people probably know of the story of Christopher Reeve and his accident that left him in a wheelchair. We watched it on the news, we heard the stories, at some point we came across the it somehow. This book not only chronicles what he remembers happening right up toContinue reading “Book Review – Christopher Reeve – Still Me”

Book Review – Stephen King – Nightmares and Dreamscapes

What to say about this one. . . . There were a lot of great stories in it. Then a lot of the stories were ones I skipped. I’m no longer a huge fan of short stories that are all clumped together. Or rather, I’ll say . . . I’m not a fan of themContinue reading “Book Review – Stephen King – Nightmares and Dreamscapes”

Book Review – Ancestor – Raymond Steyn

Find this book on Amazon here – Ancestor – Raymond Steyn  When I was first asked to read and review this, I was going to deny it until I read what it was about. Then I couldn’t pass it up. I absolutely loved the idea that someone else was writing a book about Neanderthals beingContinue reading “Book Review – Ancestor – Raymond Steyn”

Book Review – Louis L’Amour – Flint

Should really get to my books I have waiting to review. I’ve read them, and now I need to review so I can get them off my desk. :p This book doesn’t have a book jacket. It’s a hard bound with a bare cover with leather-like material. I had this book from a long timeContinue reading “Book Review – Louis L’Amour – Flint”

Book Review – Dean Koontz – Intensity

Thought I would scream Okay, as with the title, this is an intense read. I’m not sure what is is/was about it that makes it that intense, but my heart definitely was pounding while I read it. I got too into the book. The only “off” thing for me, if you can call it thatContinue reading “Book Review – Dean Koontz – Intensity”

Book Review – Stephen King – Bag of Bones

(Image from Goodreads – As usual, Stephen King delivers the nice creep factor with this book. I was so sucked in that when my older brother opened the garage below me, I might have suffered a bit of a twitch. Possibly. What’s interesting about this book is the way Mike describes feeling a presenceContinue reading “Book Review – Stephen King – Bag of Bones”