Just a word count post today

Been super busy and have my hands full. Editing is all I have time for.       Today's numbers for Savage Lands. Started with - 25,554 words Ended with - 26,609 words Total words written today - 1,055      


Today’s been a good writing day and then some

Today I received my final exam from my Creative Writing Course I'd enrolled in. As I mentioned, that story will be available through here for free. I just have to get it ready to release. I may have done so, but I'll go check. I'll let my newsletter subscribers know too. If you're not subscribed, …

So close!

I'm veering off where the outline had led me. This is why I like the plot outline method that Holly Lisle lays out. It's the one I followed for this novel, and the "outline," I did. I didn't have all the scenes planned out, I wasn't stuck in a, "this will happen now," and from …