Day late, but still a win

Technically I wrote yesterday. Buuuut, I am posting this on Saturday. I had the release of Blood by Night yesterday (thank you to the ones who've purchased it!) and I was trying to get my newsletter fixed to send. I was wiped by the time I wrote it so I'm sure I forgot some of the stuff I …


Kennedy is a stinker. #amwriting

I seriously need to just break Kennedy's story. I know it's a series and I've gone well past 120K by now, but I just keep writing instead. It's getting ridiculous. I usually break my novels around 80-90K-ish because in editing I will add way more detailing work, and words. Then when I hit publish, they …

Left off with Haley meeting Jack and Jeremiah – #amwriting

So today, I will be working with Haley. This is the first book in the series, and Ellie will be the second. Right now, Ellie is a little toddler in the first book, but I'm also writing her as an adult in the second book. I would love to know how many authors have ever tried that. Do you know any? Leave it in the comments below.