Words are going strong again

Back in action [with my word count]. Actually I’m surprised I did so many. It really didn’t feel like it. Below I have some fun pictures I’ve been taking over the weekend, and a video of the baby junco who has been a joy to watch. He is just adorable and been enjoying the heatContinue reading “Words are going strong again”

Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes

Well that’s the truth! I love him, but he’s still ego-based and wanting to be all cocky about everything. Then he pushed his limits and went too far. Thinking he could grab the Queen as if having nearly a foot on her gave him leeway? Or being a Lycaen? Tut, tut, tut, Verrick. Julian hasContinue reading “Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes”

Crown of Ice gone!

Sent off Crown of Ice to my editor on Friday, as I said I would. Today I’m beginning to input edits for Royal Blood, which is the second in the series. Technically in this particular series, they are one book separated into two. I ended up thinking I’d keep it as one book, but I’d reachedContinue reading “Crown of Ice gone!”