Home stretch

Here's a quickie update while I take a break for a minute from editing. I have to go get some more water. No, that's not the update. I am on the home stretch here, and I'm thinking that next Friday, I should be sending off Don't Go Far to meh editor. [happy dance with me] …

#KimIversonQOTD – August 11, 2015

#KimIversonQOTD - August 11, 2015 - What has been your biggest embarrassment?

Designing book covers

This morning (6-19-2015) my thoughts are on book covers. Really it started with comic books (I just watched Big Hero 6 - awesome movie!), and then my mind went to comic book design, learning it, and then book covers. Stay with me here. Book covers are a huge deal. You may not agree with this post, but this is another option.

Dark Illusions – Kat’s Dress in The Final Chapter

Added a pin to the board, check out the dress I had in mind when I wrote Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter scene where Kat wears a dress just to screw with Julian's head. You know the one . . . where he screwed with her mind, instead? Mhm. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/284993482645097969/ When it began: […]one of her glamorous white …