Property of The Pack

official-property-of-the-packBianca and Kylarra have been friends since they were kids. One of the few people who Kylarra used to be allowed to be around, their visits were short, but built a strong female friendship. Since the holidays are coming up Kylarra asked if Bianca would drop off a recipe for her. Bianca agrees but doesn’t realize Verrick has company

When Bianca arrives, Baer, Dane, Raeden, Sabre, and Devin are all playing pool with Verrick. Exactly the situation Kylarra had been trying to avoid putting her friend in. Because the boys react exactly like Ky thought they would. Not only do they notice the female walk in, but despite her being human . . . they seem interested.

Too interested.

So starts the hunt for Bianca.


This short paranormal erotica tale is a companion to Law of the Beast. A side story for The Pack, and more so . . . Devin. Reader discretion is advised.

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Possible Release Date: ?