Discover richness & depth in stories layered with heart & soul.

Fiercely wicked rebel hearts love with all their courageous soul. Protect those they love. Empower us & rise after falling. Dare to dive deep inside one?

What will you find in a fiercely wicked rebel heart, the books, the community?

  • Warriors who fight for those they love.
  • Deep, passionate, all-consuming love.
  • Courage to go against the grain.
  • Souls who share themselves as they are, even if that’s quirky, dark, or they have a wicked sense of humor.
  • Souls with the courage to rise again and again after falling.
  • Someone who will empower those around them and inspire them to their greatest potential – while living with honor.
  • A person willing to grow. They live their truth each day, and hope others do the same by example, not force. They know to change the world, we change ourselves and become better versions of self.
  • Depth like the ocean and beyond. Beyond space and time, their love and quest for learning and knowledge will remain a constant.
  • Wicked souls unafraid to play.

Current colors being used – black, white, grey, silver, and teal/aqua (#00a3b1)

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