Dragon’s Dawn Series

In the silence of the morning, beneath the haze, come the sounds that will chill to the bone. Nothing more than potentially a starved belly rolling out the call for food from so few things to eat these days. Until the rolling thunder increases and the winged shadow appears through the forever gloom haunting their lives, causing respiratory issues from the smoke that clings to the lungs. There is no choice anymore. Die by the fire spewing forth from the goliath that rules the skies, or the draachen hunters who rule the lands.

Scorched Silence

A new day has dawned and draachen rule. Laws are made and broken daily by the Draachen Hunters who care only about eradicating every last one of the ungodly creatures.

Years pass after the tunnel boring machine released them. Humans struggle to survive, struggle to figure out how it all happened. But in one small makeshift city a band of survivors seem to have built a life for themselves.

They survive because the raven haired woman forced to stay there has a secret. The Draachen Hunters in charge know it – they use it.

The real fight for their lives begin when another pair of Draachen Hunters show . . . and one of them figures out Kora’s secret. It’s not just the draachen they have to worry about now.


Charred Wings

He’s alive.

That’s what Kora knows. He’s still alive. The monster whose caused her so many problems. The beast whose mere presence fills her stomach with dread.

Now she has a little boy to take care of. No draachen and no Draachen Hunter will touch him.

But the draachen isn’t all there is to fear anymore, is there?


Ready to begin?

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