Don’t Go Far

An enchantress named Mystery, and her werewolf best friend, Dominic, dig their way into a cave on the search for a spell book. A book that Mystery’s grandmother told her about. She said, “you will find all that you’re looking for and more in the search for this book.”

Dominic tries to convince Mystery not to waste her time because Grams was crazy. But when they find a rare coin at some odd altar in that cave, Mystery convinces him to help her. The coin leads Mystery and Dominic to a dark bar with some very dangerous patrons, including a werewolf who nobody should cross.

During their meeting, creatures out of a horror movie crash the party and the instant one of them catches Mystery’s scent, secrets begin to surface.

Secrets that Mystery wasn’t prepared for.

Secrets that the man they met is holding the key to.

Secrets . . that put Mystery’s life on the line.

Series Title: Enchanting the Moon

Series is part of – Dark Moon Dynasty Universe

In the Enchanting the Moon series, this book is number one. Followed by Witness to the Moon, then Claiming the Enchantress. This series is the second series in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe, which features Lycaen, Enchantresses, and the incredible magic that can exist between two souls.

  1. Don’t Go Far
  2. Witness to the Moon
  3. Claiming the Enchantress

Genre: Paranormal Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Speculative Fiction

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Chapter One –

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