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The Enchantress Mila has a vision that scares the living crap out of her. Not just because of what it means for her best friend, Kylarra, but for everyone involved. More so when it may mean Kylarra isn’t pure-blooded Lycaen as everyone thought.

When Mila shares it with her Lycaen mate Stefan, they both agree. They need more information.

Otherwise it may not just be Kylarra who is in trouble. It may just be the entire magical race.

A war may be headed their way.

It’s up to Mila and Stefan to find out who can help.

Series title: Eternal Soul Universe

  1. Fury of a Queen
  2. Discovery of an Enchantress
  3. War of the Lycaen

This series is part of the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. At the bottom of this page you’ll find all the books connected to the DMDU world.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Thriller, Supernatural Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Speculative Fiction , Dark Fantasy

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Paperback can be found at all major retailers and many smaller stores.

Read the First Chapter here – Coming Soon!

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe (DMDU)

  1. Dark Illusions Series (Vampire – Kat & Julian)
  2. Enchanting the Moon Series (Enchantress – Mila & Stefan)
  3. Dynasty of Moirae series (Lycaen – Kylarra & Verrick)
  4. Eternal Souls Universe series (all of the above, all characters, & more)

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