Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter (Book Two)

Kat was thrust into the world of the Awakened, and she’s had to fight for her life every step of the way. It never ends.

Her clan believes her love is dead, and her mate can become Prince like he’s always wanted. She believes it’s time for a change. The Raaka clan believe she is pure-blooded Raaka, but don’t know how much blood she shared with the Prince of the Awakened, a Runsasi.

Could it be . . . she is something else? Is it possible for a vampire to become more human?

All anyone wants, is for her to sit back and wait. Wait for what? What secrets are they keeping from her? What will happen when she finds them out?

She’s tired of running.
She’s tired of hiding.

Are the Awakened prepared for the coming storm?

“I will never be a victim again. . . .”

Series Title: Dark Illusions
Where in the series – Book Two
Universe Title – Dark Moon Dynasty

Cover model images from two friends of mine. A big thank you to Steve Caron and Ann O Donnell [who writes under the name, Jax Miller], for letting me use their beautiful faces.

Available through:


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And many more!


3D preview


Read the first chapter here for free – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/dark-illusions-the-next-chapter-chapter-one/

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