Dark Illusions: The Beginning (Book One)

Dark-Illusions_The-Beginning_goldThe Awakened have existed since time began. Always there; never seen. Vampires with the ability to shape shift into wolves, who retain many of the wolf abilities. The clans have long since lived in peace with humans by an old order of law: nobody is to be Awakened without the Prince’s command. Those who do not follow the order of the prince, will meet true death. These laws were put in place to protect the humans and the Awakened so that they may co-exist peacefully—though some clans believe those rules outdated. . . .

The Raaka have been idle far too long. They find no reason to peacefully live alongside humans. They believe humans were put on this earth for food and that’s it. It is time for the Runsasi Prince to step down and the Raaka clan to claim their rightful place as the true Leaders.

The Raaka Leader finds a woman who he believes will give him the advantage he’s been seeking for so long . . . a way in to the position he so craves: Prince of all clans. There is just one obstacle with the woman: she’s human. And she isn’t one to be pushed around.

If only the current Prince would only stay out of the way.

Time is running out for one of them. . . .

Series Title: Dark Illusions
Where in the series – Book One
Universe Title – Dark Moon Dynasty

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Read Chapter One here, now. https://kimberlysueiverson.com/dark-illusions-the-beginning-chapter-one/

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