Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter (Book Three)

Dark-Illusions_The-Final-Chapter_goldKat’s life turned out far different than anything she could have ever imagined. One day she was being chased in an alleyway and now she’s wondering who this man she fell for is. Being Awakened means little when you feel like a caged animal. What good is being immortal if you’re no freer than a human?

If the Prince has a problem with that? He can take a seat with the others.

Kat knows what everyone has kept from her. You can’t hide the truth forever. The world needs a wake up call. The Awakened Prince isn’t the one in charge anymore.

She is.

And you know what?
It’s time to live by Kat’s rules.

Only one person keeps trying to undermine her.

The Prince.

It’s time he backs off.

Or does Julian have something left to discover about himself that may change the game for every single one of the Awakened, including Kat? That may change the entire future of everyone involved, and may still Awaken something that none of them had ever believed possible?

Not all accidents are innocent. Sometimes fate has to step in and lend a hand.

Series Title: Dark Illusions
Where in the series – Book Three
Universe Title – Dark Moon Dynasty

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CreateSpace paperback

Free excerpts: – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/2014/04/dark-illusions-final-chapter-extended.html
Here is a shorter excerpt – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/2014/02/dark-illusions-final-chapter-teaser.html
And don’t forget to check out the awesome freebies in the back of the eBook.
Really feel the essence of the story, let me take you to the place I was in when I wrote certain scenes.

Read Chapter One here – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/dark-illusions-the-final-chapter-chapter-one/

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