Claiming the Enchantress

claiming-the-enchantressMila wakes in an unfamiliar place. All she can recall from before is that she was surrounded by a pack of Lycaen. One werewolf wanted to Claim her, while another attempted to save her. Most of what happened after she can’t remember, but she’s running a fever.

Problem is? Mila doesn’t get sick. She has never felt like this before. She can’t figure out where the sickness came from.

She’s alone in a mountain home, snow falling outside, and in walks a man she didn’t want to see.

The werewolf isn’t alone. And the pack has a plan for her. Do they honestly think being a prisoner will make her more compliant?

Think again.

This Enchantress won’t be Claimed that easy.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Thriller

Series: Enchanting the Moon – Book 3

Not Yet Available To Purchase
Possible Release Date: November 2018