Today’s #amwriting – Cody the #alchemist

Today I started in on Cody again. That would be my little alchemist. I left off with her trying to escape from the man who is forcing her to help him build something. He has yet to refer to it as anything other than a “project” for him, but Cody isn’t stupid. She pieces thingsContinue reading “Today’s #amwriting – Cody the #alchemist”

Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting

It’s interesting what happens when I outline. I’ve been working with the outlines for all my books lately, going through them, refreshing the brain. Reminding myself where I want to take the stories and such. I was working with the outline for Ellie and Haley (they will be connected), and I discovered something that mayContinue reading “Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting”

#ArianasWriting – Cody

You know, I have to say that despite the challenges, I am really enjoying writing about Cody/Dakota. I notice little things here and there while I write, that either Cody does, or Guerin does, that speaks so much, without being direct. Dakota has made an appearance, but for the most part, it’s generally only aroundContinue reading “#ArianasWriting – Cody”

#ArianasWriting – Good Morning!

Good morning, everyone. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Just for you, for a good morning treat, here is a but of cuteness. Baby Kendra face. Is it any wonder that her kids all inherited those precious baby faces? Gosh. Early morning and quiet here, so I’m going to do some reading, then get toContinue reading “#ArianasWriting – Good Morning!”

Writing Journal – 9-28-2014 – Beginning

Afternoon pondering. I read something recently from Susan Dennard about her keeping a writing journal. She does it for herself (offline), which is what this is going to be done for, yet I will probably do it here. This way I keep myself accountable, a lot easier. There’s not much to it. Journal about yourContinue reading “Writing Journal – 9-28-2014 – Beginning”