Random numbers I found

Kobo rates DARK ILLUSIONS: THE BEGINNING higher in Sci Fi Fantasy, Horror. I find that interesting. Even more is that DARK ILLUSIONS: THE NEXT CHAPTER is rated higher than that (it's numbered in the top 2500). All without advertising or working hard at trying to gain numbers too. I find that interesting how books can …

How the muse works

How the muse works - I am completely in awe of how our brains are able to perform amazing feats that we don't even know we can? Until it's been done.

Things that make me smile

One of the biggest reasons that I adore my editor are her comments in the midst of my heavy editing. For me that is one big reason why she is a standout editor. She understands that it's a headache producing task, and will intersperse random thoughts of hers into the rest of the comments

#ArianasWriting – Cody

Time to see what Cody is up to this morning. How is she going to handle Guerin's proposal on what he wants of her? Will she cooperate nicely, or is she going to pretend to, only to fight it, and end up finding a way out? I think the latter.

#ArianasWriting – Cody

You know, I have to say that despite the challenges, I am really enjoying writing about Cody/Dakota. I notice little things here and there while I write, that either Cody does, or Guerin does, that speaks so much, without being direct. Dakota has made an appearance, but for the most part, it's generally only around …