Witness to the Moon – Chapter One

Mila Warren sat up in bed as the name, “Stefan,” whispered from her lips. A bit of desperation, fear, maybe need thrown in too. Her soul reached out to the nameless faceless male in her dreams [...]

The final exam

I am nearing the end . . . finally.

What happened there?

Finishing Witness to the Moon this week. I am entirely surprised by a scene that took place today. I kept asking myself while I wrote the past few days, how on earth a strong Lycaen like Alex could find himself overpowered. How could a man like Alex ever be taken by anyone? It's not that he's invisible, …

On the finish line

Working on Witness to the Moon this week. I'll definitely finish this book by the end of this week and then like I mentioned on Friday, I will start in on the Anora - Druid story. My extent of outlining for that story so far has been to play with questions like, What is her biggest challenge? What …

Surprise, surprise.

Working on Witness to the Moon this week. May end up being the final week I do, but I may have to do another week. Some amazing words today. The story flew. I went into that zone that the words just purged. So today I learned some interesting information. I had not planned for it either. Never …