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  • Book Review – Dean Koontz – Intensity

    Thought I would scream Okay, as with the title, this is an intense read. I’m not sure what is is/was about it that makes it that intense, but my heart definitely was pounding while I read it. I got too into the book. The only “off” thing for me, if you can call it that […]

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  • Weekend Writing Fun

    Image Courtesy of Let’s see how much writing I can get done today and tomorrow. Working on Winged Shadows 2. Still have to rework the first Winged Shadows, but I’m trying to be good and remain with working on the 3 I’m writing. THEN tackle another after they are done. I’m also hoping that […]

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  • Book Review – Stephen King – Bag of Bones

    (Image from Goodreads – As usual, Stephen King delivers the nice creep factor with this book. I was so sucked in that when my older brother opened the garage below me, I might have suffered a bit of a twitch. Possibly. What’s interesting about this book is the way Mike describes feeling a presence […]

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  • Dark Illusions: The Beginning FREE

    Amazon has marked Dark Illusions: The Beginning as free. Celebrate here with me a moment. Yay! So anyhoosles. If you haven’t downloaded the eBook, you can do so now. The link: If you want a format other than the Kindle, you can get that from Smashwords here: We will have another free download of The […]

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