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  • About to start the next

    Okay, I published Treasures Discovered in the Forest the other day on Kindle. Again, like with everything else, that will be up for 90 days, then I will release it wide. Gonna stick with this routine for over a year at least. The day it will be up on KDP Select is about November 20th.…

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  • Creations of the Galaxy – Chapter One

    In 2346 the world fell, but Prism Sanctity was already on her way out.

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  • Finished Book One

    Yesterday I finished writing Book One in the Sorceress world. Aesyloraden – The Royal Golden Lands. So I will now be outlining and plotting out the second. I was going to do it a few weeks ago and gut said just wait a minute. Then do it once I was done with the first. Because…

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  • Making/made a decision

    Here’s the quick rundown in case you don’t want to read ahead of what’s to come from now until the end of the year, and more explanation. I am taking a publishing break on new work to change all my work over to my full name Kimberly Sue Iverson. I’m hoping to finish sooner, but…

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  • Going well

    This applies mostly to my current writing project – Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III, but also may incorporate parts from the entire The Guardian of Life world where it resides. I am now around 74K words in this particular story. Anika has been showing some very interesting attributes. The more I explore her…

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  • Interesting new revelation while writing

    This applies mostly to my current writing project – Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III, but also may incorporate parts from the entire The Guardian of Life world where it resides. Thursday Sept 16th – So this morning I was going along writing just fine when finally what this character I’ve been getting to…

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  • Sent Scorched Silence off

    On Saturday morning I sent Scorched Silence to Jeanie for her first thoughts. I finished on Friday night, at 5pm, but I didn’t actually finished everything until Saturday morning because I wrote up the background for the world. In this one I wanted to prep her a lot more than normal because of a lot…

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  • Published – Granddaughter’s

    Published A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew on paperback. Had issues with the cover so it got put a bit behind. I needed to fix some of the writing along the side so needed to wait for another proof. But I just hit publish on the paperback earlier so it’ll be distributed to all vendors now. Been…

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  • First read through

    I am starting the read through for Scorched Silence today. Should be sending it off to Jeanie for her first thoughts around when I predicted. First week of September. Potentially Friday, September 3rd. I usually take the weekends off and I will especially be taking this weekend off considering last night I didn’t get much…

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  • Working through

    Woke up with an extreme case of the dizzies today. It was so bad I could barely walk and ended up not being able to handle breakfast. Thought I could. And then I couldn’t. In case it was a budding migraine I took some aspirin but didn’t have Aleve which works best for me on…

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  • How similar they can be

    This will be in regard to the current story I’m writing – Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III. Thought I should preface these (if I remember to) in case someone new stumbles upon one of these posts. They may not realize I write based off stories a lot. I haven’t been but I enjoy…

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  • Discoveries

    2023 words for the day. Interesting to write inside the confines of a mountain that I only discover as I write. The mountain in this story is a retreat of sorts from war raging beyond it for a time. Only a lucky few can get inside for a period of time, and they end up…

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  • What’s been done so far

    A friend of mine volunteered to help create a new banner for my books page, to represent the Dragon’s Dawn series. That is the same person behind the dragon that I’m using for the second cover, Charred Wings. He is really good at his work so if you’re interested, and need images done, look him…

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  • Savage Lands cover

    This cover is kickin me butt. I have made a ton of minor alterations in trying to get the design just right. I’m referring to the paperback, not eBook. eBook is done and tomorrow I will be uploading it to Smashwords. I prioritized Draft2Digital for now so that all the listings would go through that…

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  • In the meantime

    Until I’m done outlining my Sorceress series, I have another writing project going. The Sorceress series/world has 5 books I have to rework so yeah, taking a bit more time than planned. When I write, I want that freight train to kick in and just lemme goooooooo so I gotta get as prepped as possible.…

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  • Found this incredible artist on Instagram

    This morning I decided to peruse the “explore” tab on Instagram. Rarely do it anymore, but I had some free time so I did. Found this incredible artist who made a post a few days ago of the near perfect replica that is in my head. It’s for my [male] main character. I had to…

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  • By clear favored choice

    The title for the next book I write is going to be Creations of the Galaxy. For those who offered me the time with your thoughts, a click on the voting, or which you favored on the posts, I sincerely appreciate it. That you gave me that moment of your time. The best part is…

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  • Which title grabs you most?

    Which title grabs your attention. Come by and vote, leave a comment if you like.

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  • Sent Law of the Beast off

    Didn’t get any writing in yesterday. As I mentioned on Instagram on Thursday (below), I wanted to make sure I met my self-imposed deadline for sending Law of the Beast to my editor yesterday. I did. I knew I better forgo the writing in favor of finishing the final read through before sending off the…

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