About to help the Queen

Before I get into the story from today I wanted to mention that I finalized the paperback files for The Culling Cycle just now. Needed just a few minor adjustments with the interior pages. Update on Cheyenne Here is a live shot on how little miss is doing. Needless to say, she is tucked under aContinue reading “About to help the Queen”

Electronics fail

Currently wanting to ring the neck of my desktop computer. I’ve been working on my laptop and forgot just how much faster it worked compared to the desktop. On top of that, I have to update Office Word, and my OneDrive is syncing so that is limiting what I can do. I can’t access myContinue reading “Electronics fail”

Just more from yesterday

It was mostly a continuation of yesterday’s scene. I went back and filled in more because I like a certain number of pages per Word chapter, and I know when a scene has ended by the feel of that part of the story if that makes sense. So there isn’t much to really say. MilaContinue reading “Just more from yesterday”

Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes

Well that’s the truth! I love him, but he’s still ego-based and wanting to be all cocky about everything. Then he pushed his limits and went too far. Thinking he could grab the Queen as if having nearly a foot on her gave him leeway? Or being a Lycaen? Tut, tut, tut, Verrick. Julian hasContinue reading “Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes”