#Amwriting- Surpassing word count

Surpassing my word count, and definitely passing the 80K mark by the time I’m finished writing. Want a Kennedy teaser?

Ugh. Tired Scene from Hope. Reworking.

Here is the sort of thing that bores me to read, which means it’s getting a complete overhaul. I know you’d be bored to read this. It’s not necessary for me to go on and on about the living room (not important to the STORY), let alone mention a window being electrified when Hope stoodContinue reading “Ugh. Tired Scene from Hope. Reworking.”

Samples: Dark Illusions Book One, Two, and Three

Sharing an excerpt from Dark Illusions: The Beginning, The Next Chapter, and The Final Chapter. I’m going to give you an excerpt from all three books, back to back.  Maybe 150-200 words from each. Depending on the context. It’ll be completely random, but no spoilers. I haven’t shared much from Kat and I think we needContinue reading “Samples: Dark Illusions Book One, Two, and Three”

#ArianasWriting – Cody – Alchemist – So far at 3297 words

Disappeared into writer land and hours passed without noticing. Should make din din now. I like this passage. Says a lot with so little. (Note: this is a draft sample, subject to change.) The fourth boat housed animals. Animals of all kinds, but that had been deemed worthy of saving. Again, “for the good ofContinue reading “#ArianasWriting – Cody – Alchemist – So far at 3297 words”