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The moment we’re introduced to Stone – free Friday snippet

Been a few weeks since I’ve posted a free Friday snippet. Apologies. Just a quiet time for me. Today, our snippet comes from the novel, Daughter of the Red Planet. This is the first time we’re introduced to Stone.  

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Official covers for the Guardian of Life series

The two books that I’ll be working on after Blood by Night are from The Guardian of Life series. Those are the pages I have to make today, but I can only make two. The third book I made the cover for, but I haven’t written the book yet. Here is the lineup for those. This series is Science […]

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Hope paperback!

The Hope paperback proof has arrived!

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Today’s #amwriting – Cody the #alchemist

Today I started in on Cody again. That would be my little alchemist. I left off with her trying to escape from the man who is forcing her to help him build something. He has yet to refer to it as anything other than a “project” for him, but Cody isn’t stupid. She pieces things […]

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Characters for ya #amwriting

Entertaining to be disgusted by your own characters. Here’s what I mean –