Currently at 49,045 words with Discovery of an Enchantress

Thought I'd share this featured image pic. I just shared it with my editor. Normally I don't mention Khaleesi, but this is her little setup. Today is warm out so I have my window open and she's chatting away with the birds outside. I'll reshare it below too in case the entire image doesn't show …

And she figures out why she’s really afraid

Featured image is my boy, Kona. I captured that last night. I didn't know I did until after. That's the look of his love for me. Can't even explain how that look makes me feel. The bond I have with that dog is soul mate love. Purest, most perfect, love. Different than any animal I've …


Editing helper

This is my editing helper. Looking from the computer monitor toward my lap. That purple pillow is technically for my back, but when Lucy comes in the room, it gets placed on my lap for her.