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Dvorak fun

Dvorak keyboard learning fun

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#Amwriting- Surpassing word count

Surpassing my word count, and definitely passing the 80K mark by the time I’m finished writing. Want a Kennedy teaser?

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How the muse works

How the muse works – I am completely in awe of how our brains are able to perform amazing feats that we don’t even know we can? Until it’s been done.

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Designing book covers

This morning (6-19-2015) my thoughts are on book covers. Really it started with comic books (I just watched Big Hero 6 – awesome movie!), and then my mind went to comic book design, learning it, and then book covers. Stay with me here. Book covers are a huge deal. You may not agree with this post, but this is another option.

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Trying to up word count

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about how I have been doing for my word count. I like to challenge myself, and I like to try and find ways to improve my productivity while not killing myself, or making myself hate what it is that I do every day. At this moment in […]