Under Empty Stars paperback – coming soon!

My Under Empty Stars paperback proof came today. Few alterations to cover to be done, then tomorrow I can set it for sale! Acknowledgements include you! Cause I appreciate all of you on these social networks who support me and share in all my milestones with this series, and allllll my work. Love you all. ❤️❤️

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News, news, and more news, including what 2018 brings with my writing

Okey. Lemme see if I can remember everything I’ve finished. This is being written up to coincide with my newsletter I sent out. That way the newsletter isn’t going to be pages upon pages long. I have a lot of news, a lot of changes happening, and bunches to note.

Preview of Under Empty Stars paperback

As I write this up, I’m waiting on the proof for Under Empty Stars to arrive. Should arrive in two weeks or less. I received the proof for Into The Midst yesterday. Just needed to alter the cover slightly (colors weren’t right) before I set it for sale. Through the CreateSpace link, it can be purchased right now. Through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, it should be a few more days before they have it listed. Feel free to check now though.
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Hope paperback!

Received my HOPE OF THE FUTURE paperback proof today. I was worried I may have to alter the interior because the online previewer showed the text was really raw looking, and not very clear. Looks like the only alteration I have (doing now) is two minor adjustments on the cover. Uploading as I write this (I’m fast like Super Girl!). Link to purchase the paperback is up on Hope’s page.

So be aware of that if you go to preview the book. For some strange reason (maybe it’s just my perception or computer/internet) the preview makes the text look horrible. But I have the paperback next to me right now and it looks great. I seriously love this. I changed the author name font to be the same font (there are two different styles) as the title of the book and it works well. 🙂

A sidenote on this paperback. It most likely won’t be featured through Amazon or other sites (other than Lulu) because it lacks an ISBN. In this particular book’s case, it’s because I went with the regular mass market paperback size that you’re used to so I can release it for a much lower price. So the link through my site is the only way to purchase. www.arianabrowning.com/hope-future

Unless you look it up on Lulu. 😉

Doing something that scares the living hell outta me

The past few weeks, I have been dealing with stress overload on a lot of fronts. I felt like . . . I was on the verge of dipping my toes back into Hell pretty much. Now, I’m not going to go into what was going on, but I will tell you what came out of this experience.

For the past few years, since I took on the pen name of Ariana Browning, I wanted to build a brand. Something big and bold, and that would help a lot of people change their lives. Or at least to inspire them to do so. I can’t say that I’ve failed at that, but the name has failed me and in that way, I have failed.

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The Shadow Room Case File 3 has been unearthed

I have discovered another TOP SECRET case file from The Shadow Room.

The Case of Veronica and The Witching Hour.

I’m putting final touches on it, but I should have the cover done later today, and then just have to format it for sale.

Also, I’m working on a possible collaboration between me and another author. I’ll announce who it is later on, and what we will be doing. Super serious secrety stuff. I’ve already said too much. [zips lips]

Back to writing. Cody today. Little miss alchemist.

Coming soon . . . AB Case Files never before read tales of horror recently discovered in the archives of THE SHADOW ROOM Be careful what you wish. You may get exactly what you ask for.

Coming soon . . .AB Case Files
never before read tales of horror recently discovered in the archives ofTHE SHADOW ROOM

Be careful what you wish. You may get exactly what you ask for.

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Hope has left the building!

If you follow me everywhere, you may have received a thousand notes by now. If not, I have sent Hope Of The Future off to editor earlier today (3:40 pm) PST. 🙂 One step closer to publication!