Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood – Chapter One

The sigh made Kennedy spin around, expecting to find the former Queen, Charlotte, standing behind her. But there was nothing. Just a wall. There was something strangely unordinary about the wall. On first appearance it was blank, but it was a very interesting place for a wall when the castle extended far beyond.

Sylphline Realm Crown of Ice Paperback is available

Got the proof for Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice today!   Purchase now through CreateSpace – In one week or so (by the end of May 2017 for sure) the paperback should be available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, as well as third-party sellers.

Deep edits beginning & free Friday snippet!

Yipperdoodles! Jeanie sent me Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood last night as she said she would. It was too late for me to really start in on it. I may not get much work done today either. I’m working on the paperback for Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice which also happens to be whereContinue reading “Deep edits beginning & free Friday snippet!”

Crown of Ice gone!

Sent off Crown of Ice to my editor on Friday, as I said I would. Today I’m beginning to input edits for Royal Blood, which is the second in the series. Technically in this particular series, they are one book separated into two. I ended up thinking I’d keep it as one book, but I’d reachedContinue reading “Crown of Ice gone!”

Almost done! Nearing the end #amwriting #fantasy

Working on Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood this week.   I’m near the end of this book and can’t even begin to say how happy that makes me. It’s not that I’m tired of it, just that I always love finishing a book! Makes me want to do a little happy dance. Super fun. Feeling pretty damn good.Continue reading “Almost done! Nearing the end #amwriting #fantasy”

May be finishing this series with this book

Working on Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood (Book Two in the series) this week. Curious where this book is going. I think this could be the last one in this series since I’m nearing the end and wrapping up the details that I wanted to with this storyline, but any writer worth their salt won’t say “ever”Continue reading “May be finishing this series with this book”

This week is Kennedy’s turn, further along than I thought

Working on Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood this week. I finished the cover idea yesterday, but I’m still tweaking. It’s not the final, but I’ll upload it and use it on this post for a placeholder. Thanks to the change in time, I got up late – shocking! lol So my day is off. Had we not hadContinue reading “This week is Kennedy’s turn, further along than I thought”

Daily Word Count – Feb 22, 2016

This week it’s all about Kennedy #2. I know the series name will be The Sylphline Realm, but I don’t have a specific title. I was thinking of doing a play on the situations, but I’m piddling. I really do need covers and names now that I keep track of word count so I’ll work on them. CurrentlyContinue reading “Daily Word Count – Feb 22, 2016”

Kennedy #2 is intense right now #amwriting

Wow, Kennedy #2 isa making me tear up like crrzzy. Truly though, she just showed a little girl her golden wings that only she as royal blood possesses. (There’s more to that, but no spoilage here!) Getting into that scene is intense. I seem to be going through a “tear up” writing phase with myContinue reading “Kennedy #2 is intense right now #amwriting”

Update on Kennedy

I’m going to guess I forgot to mark my word count yesterday. Otherwise I wrote 4000 words in only 45 minutes. Ums, no. lol Well, I don’t want to downplay myself. I suppose I could have done that, but the reality is most likely no.

#Amwriting- Surpassing word count

Surpassing my word count, and definitely passing the 80K mark by the time I’m finished writing. Want a Kennedy teaser?