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Project Crochet part 2

25 squares in one week. (Cluster cross granny square.) Not bad considering I’m technically a beginner and never done granny squares before. Now I can assemble Amber’s blanket. Her actual blanket is 30 squares, but I wanted a one inch space between each square. Not to decide how to join. I was gonna do a […]


You are perfect as is

In this world of fast paced advanced living, it’s a sad fact that many believe the only way to be seen is to give themselves up by the camera. All they crave is someone to say, “I see you. I am here.” And even more to back up those words. They don’t want to be […]

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Paperwork fun

Today I’m downloading and printing out all of my paperwork from sales and the sites that I list my books through. There are three. I haven’t yet gone direct through Barnes and Noble, so I don’t have to do that one. I do sell my books through them, just through different channels. I also sent off for my […]

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Blood By Night sent off

BY THE WAY: Sent Blood By Night to Creech Enterprises last night. Supremely happy about that. Today my anxiety level is up there. smh I don’t THINK it’s related because my anxiety has been up there in general lately. Either way it annoys me. Doing more yoga lately to calm the nerves. That’s what I hate […]

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Sunday morning relaxation

Rainy morning. There is a steady drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . next to me. The rain has decided to start coming through the fireplace. Not out into the living room, but I guess the cap that usually keeps most of the water out, isn’t doing such a good […]

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Pausing edits for breather

Not quite sure why I feel so incredibly exhausted today, but I do. I know I woke up a few times during the night, once being 3:30 AM (checked meh clock) and that will work against me. Maybe just too many nights like that. It was odd. I woke up to what sounded like the […]


Eet’s all white

Started to snow around noon here. We’ve been in the 40’s all week and it’s  been really cold and icy. I’m sure the snow may stick around because of the chill. The ice certainly hasn’t thawed all week. It’s interesting how as a child we are exuberant about seeing snow but now as an adult […]


What dreams may come

I dreamt about Sabrina last night. I’d like to say it offered me comfort, or maybe brought me peace, but I’d be lying. I woke up crying, feeling the loss all over again. I know that the heartache and pain is testament to him much I loved her, and how deeply. Doesn’t make it hurt…

What dreams may come was originally published on Kim Iverson

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Friday cuteness

How about some Friday cuteness?

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Things that make me smile

One of the biggest reasons that I adore my editor are her comments in the midst of my heavy editing. For me that is one big reason why she is a standout editor. She understands that it’s a headache producing task, and will intersperse random thoughts of hers into the rest of the comments

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Some Friday cuteness #shihtzu #Kendra

Isn’t she cute? I can’t stop messing with her. I refreshed Kendra’s puppy cut two days ago and now she’s due for a bath ’cause this girl grrrriiiimy. Stubborn didn’t want me taking a photo of her. Next month she is turning 6 yrs old on the 17th.

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Doing something that scares the living hell outta me

The past few weeks, I have been dealing with stress overload on a lot of fronts. I felt like . . . I was on the verge of dipping my toes back into Hell pretty much. Now, I’m not going to go into what was going on, but I will tell you what came out […]

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Originally written: August 2012 They say men run from commitment. I think it’s opposite. I think it’s men who crave it the most. I fight attachment with everything I have. It’s not even something being wrong with the long list of ones who want something with me; it’s ME. You’d have an easier time taming […]

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April 18, 2015 warmth

Warm out today. Went out to take some photos with my tablet camera app. Kaley helped and lay down in front of Chewbacca so I took one of her too. She is in need of a trim.

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I have settled on a name for my new baby muse, and I think it fits her too well.

  I am nearly 100% positive that she is a female now because Khaleesi has white rings around her nostrils, which is the top of her cere. The cere being the part that surrounds the top of the nose. In baby parakeets/budgies it is pink, and as they get older the color can change, but […]

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Newest member to our household #parakeet.

  My new baby. Not sure if it’s female or male, or exact age. Perhaps 3-4 months old and I’m leaning toward girl. I was thinking if it’s a girl, I may name her Ponyo. Unless I go with Hope since HOPE OF THE FUTURE is about to launch. Just got her last night so […]

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Terrible camera for colors. I attempted a photo of this new project with my tablet.

Terrible camera for colors. I attempted a photo of this new project with my tablet. Yarn (stocking cap and scarf) is red, but the color isn’t coming up. It’s a very vibrant red with gold thread through the center. Usually I do the half double crochet in back loop only, but this time I am […]

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Stocking cap I’m #crocheting for my mom’s cousin. Lion Brand homespun in Seafoam. Its a pretty aqua blend color.

Stocking cap I’m #crocheting for my mom’s cousin. Lion Brand homespun in Seafoam. Its a pretty aqua blend color. via Instagram

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Eeeee! Wittle stinky bootums. One of my favorite looks.

Eeeee! Wittle stinky bootums. One of my favorite looks. #lucy #shihtzu via Instagram


Piddling wif meh hair

This morning I did a test strand with another highlighting kit that I have, and I noticed that the two hair colors that I used in the past year (brown/black about 9-10 months ago, then a temporary darkest brown a little over 3 months ago) have left the last two inches of my hair. I […]