How to write Horror

For a long time I've been struggling with this topic. My short stories generally go in that direction whether I plan it or not, but it was attempting to turn them into novels that made me scratch my head.

Official covers for the Guardian of Life series

The two books that I'll be working on after Blood by Night are from The Guardian of Life series. Those are the pages I have to make today, but I can only make two. The third book I made the cover for, but I haven't written the book yet. Here is the lineup for those. This series is Science …

Home stretch

Here's a quickie update while I take a break for a minute from editing. I have to go get some more water. No, that's not the update. I am on the home stretch here, and I'm thinking that next Friday, I should be sending off Don't Go Far to meh editor. [happy dance with me] …

Freebie #darkillusions

A free downloadable poster of the Dark Illusions lineage. This is designed to be printed on a regular sheet of printer paper (8.5' x 11"). Let me know if you download a copy, and what you think! 🙂

Left off with Haley meeting Jack and Jeremiah – #amwriting

So today, I will be working with Haley. This is the first book in the series, and Ellie will be the second. Right now, Ellie is a little toddler in the first book, but I'm also writing her as an adult in the second book. I would love to know how many authors have ever tried that. Do you know any? Leave it in the comments below.