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Category: hope of the future

  • Updates (video)

    Okay my wonderful people, please excuse the slight grumpy bits that get in the video, lol. But I decided to finally get a video update posted around everything. It’s a more casual chat vibe so I could be more myself, and not rush through anything. All the links you need are in the description box, […]

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  • Creations is releasing wide

    Gonna be a fairly quick post. Realized I should share it here too. But Creations of the Galaxy is releasing wide this week. So far you can see the stores it’s available at here – You can read the first chapter here if you’d like to preview this work – Editor let me […]

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  • Bigger picture

    I don’t really give thought to the bigger picture in my stories. When I write, I often will just write the story, and live within it. Live inside of the thoughts of the characters, their hopes and dreams, and somehow hope that I get enough of that down on the page that it conveys to […]

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  • Book 2 in Sorceress world

    So, as of maybe next week, or the start of the week after, I should begin writing Book 2 in the Sorceress world. I’m still outlining it, but I should be far enough along that I can start it, and work on the outline in the background without intersecting either. Finished the cover, and put […]

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