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Got Haley’s page up

I have finally been able to get Haley’s page up. At least information on it. I don’t bother to work too hard on a page until the book is in edits.

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Characters for ya #amwriting

Entertaining to be disgusted by your own characters. Here’s what I mean –

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Cover idea light bulb moment – doh!

I made the image that’s being used above, for the background of a snippet I shared a while ago. Well, the other night I went . . . I could totally use that for a book cover!

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Trying to up word count

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about how I have been doing for my word count. I like to challenge myself, and I like to try and find ways to improve my productivity while not killing myself, or making myself hate what it is that I do every day. At this moment in […]

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Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting

It’s interesting what happens when I outline. I’ve been working with the outlines for all my books lately, going through them, refreshing the brain. Reminding myself where I want to take the stories and such. I was working with the outline for Ellie and Haley (they will be connected), and I discovered something that may […]


#ArianasWriting – Let’s check in with Haley

Haley is stuck on a planet that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t recognize it, and the people here are just . . . weird. In her experience, the closest thing they could be “defined” as, is well, zombies. They are zombies walking. But as she said the other day, Nothing like any zombie she had […]