Trying to up word count

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about how I have been doing for my word count. I like to challenge myself, and I like to try and find ways to improve my productivity while not killing myself, or making myself hate what it is that I do every day. At this moment inContinue reading “Trying to up word count”

Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting

It’s interesting what happens when I outline. I’ve been working with the outlines for all my books lately, going through them, refreshing the brain. Reminding myself where I want to take the stories and such. I was working with the outline for Ellie and Haley (they will be connected), and I discovered something that mayContinue reading “Outlining leads to discoveries #amoutlining #amwriting”

#ArianasWriting – Let’s check in with Haley

Haley is stuck on a planet that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t recognize it, and the people here are just . . . weird. In her experience, the closest thing they could be “defined” as, is well, zombies. They are zombies walking. But as she said the other day, Nothing like any zombie she hadContinue reading “#ArianasWriting – Let’s check in with Haley”