Fury of a Queen Chapter One

Author Note – The paperback has been submitted for release, so it should be available in the next week if approved. I just uploaded it to Smashwords, and the other retailers should have it up as well. Manually check if it isn’t listed on the main page – “My Queen, there’s something at Inferno youContinue reading “Fury of a Queen Chapter One”

Finished, now onto Mila and Stefan

I finished Fury of a Queen this morning. My brain is all over the place so I’m surprised I am. It’s not necessarily something to do with me. I slept super heavy last night, dreamt of shopping for whatever reason. At a store, I was looking at a shirt rack on a shelf of discardedContinue reading “Finished, now onto Mila and Stefan”

That woman knows how to make an entrance

And an entrance she made. So we are really nearing the end of this book. I think what’s going to happen is I’ll end the book, then reverse time into the place where I left Mila and Stefan. Because they have to make their way to the King and Queen of the Awakened. There isContinue reading “That woman knows how to make an entrance”

Julian taking control

So at this point, Kat and Julian have zero choice on the matter. Kat needs to try to tap into Kylarra to find out what the hell is going on. Nobody seems to know anything about her, they don’t feel as if they have all the time in the world. There is one connection whichContinue reading “Julian taking control”

Apparently Julian did notice.

I should’ve known that Julian was paying that much attention. Let’s face it: sometimes guys don’t. I love y’all! But you could stand in front of something and not see it at all. Ya know that. And I admit, I didn’t think Julian wasn’t focusing on those little clues about Verrick. But my beautiful manContinue reading “Apparently Julian did notice.”

Little too late

So Kat found her truth a little too late. Verrick showed her the type of man he really is. Little hard to hide the truth of who he is when he knows that potentially he’s about to cause her physical harm and he does that one small thing to keep from hurting her. Also, IContinue reading “Little too late”

Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes

Well that’s the truth! I love him, but he’s still ego-based and wanting to be all cocky about everything. Then he pushed his limits and went too far. Thinking he could grab the Queen as if having nearly a foot on her gave him leeway? Or being a Lycaen? Tut, tut, tut, Verrick. Julian hasContinue reading “Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes”

Think the Queen senses the man Verrick can be

Listening to this So today, I think Kat is confirming her thoughts that there is something more to Verrick than what he shows to the world. And that is part of it. They expected to meet a man who may have been involved in this situation they’re trying to determine. Well, before they’d met him, heContinue reading “Think the Queen senses the man Verrick can be”

Oooo we don’t get that close to what belongs to the King mister.

Mister Verrick learned what happens when one crosses a line with the King. It’s one thing to play around when the King is fully aware of what Verrick is doing. But then when he gets a tad too close to Kat, threatening her? It don’t matter if Julian was inside his office or not Verrick,Continue reading “Oooo we don’t get that close to what belongs to the King mister.”

That boy don’t know who he messin with

So Verrick did come by before the end of the book. I’m at 62K at this point so there is still a little time for Mila to show up, but surprisingly Verrick wanted to single Kat out. I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting them to all converge, maybe fight, scream at him to getContinue reading “That boy don’t know who he messin with”

Now what is this new development?

Getting even closer to the end. I was hoping that Mila and Verrick would show in this book. Sort of a hint of both at the end-ish so that when I continued into this tale (through the next two books), it’s almost like a carrot dangling in front of a horse encouraging him to follow, lol.Continue reading “Now what is this new development?”

This is a bad time for Verrick

Nearing the end of the book. And our other players are going to make an entrance. See with this series, I didn’t plan to have it an extension of just the individual series. The plan was to bring back the Dark Illusions characters, but also include the other species/races and others. As in, crossovers. AsContinue reading “This is a bad time for Verrick”

A healthy balance in life

Got so deep into the story I completely forgot about checking the time, despite the clock being in my face. Since I’ve been writing on the laptop, the clock is right there the bottom right corner and easily seen if I’m writing. I check it without thinking during my writing, or when using the laptopContinue reading “A healthy balance in life”

Wow. They are passion personified

The other day I mentioned Kat and Julian’s connection and their intensity.  Weeeelll, today they may have taken advantage of the thoughts that both of them were sharing. I’m not going to share what I wrote in the book today because erm . . . it’s a little steamy.

Interesting that she didn’t feel anything

Kat found out information today, which stunned her, and also pissed her off. There were two parts to it in some ways. Since I didn’t have much time to write this morning, I had to finish this afternoon to reach my 1K words (at least) goal. I’m also trying to hit that number because itContinue reading “Interesting that she didn’t feel anything”

Get up early, still behind.

I’m trying to get caught up with a lot of things today. I swear, I woke up early, got out of bed early, and I’m still behind. Not like I’ve been piddling about either so where has the time gone? I haven’t even had time to return Jeanie’s texts either, which shows how swamped IContinue reading “Get up early, still behind.”

Just a word count post

I’ve got to get to editing so this really will be short. This word count includes Sunday and today, Monday. I listed them separately though. Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen. Started out Sunday at – 47,177 Ended Sunday at – 49,038 Total word count for Sunday – 1,861 Started out Monday at –Continue reading “Just a word count post”

What happens if she adapts that into her gifts?

I didn’t write for the past two days so that’s why I haven’t had any blog post to share. Two days ago I woke up in an emotional state and then when I sat down to write, nothing came. Those are the days I get other things done. A cover made, an advertisement finished. AContinue reading “What happens if she adapts that into her gifts?”