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  • Next – cover time

    Once more I’m getting back to my follow the creation series. There are times in this process that I wanna play with covers. The covers might give me an idea of where to take the story, or where it’s going. So in this case, I thought why not? It’s the thing percolating in my head. […]

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  • Follow the creation series

    Follow the creation series

    How to develop a story. How to generate an idea. How to further develop an idea. Follow me as I develop this idea. Any of those interest you? See all the posts related in this follow the creation series. Where I take an idea, and develop it in front of you.

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  • Narrowing down the idea

    In the first part of this, I mentioned having a dream that inspired the [potential] idea for a story. Dream that turns into story idea – follow my creation of this story With that post, I mostly just left it vague, general, and all over the place. I was talking about questions to ask, ideas to […]

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