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  • All DMDU Chapters are up

    At least in terms of the books that have been published. I’m going to list all of the books and the chapters that I have up on the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. Soon I’ll begin to work through and share character profiles, Mila’s journal posts, and whatever else I have previously posted. I sent…

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  • Which title grabs you most?

    Which title grabs your attention. Come by and vote, leave a comment if you like.

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  • Where Creation Strikes

    Where Creation Strikes

    Watching World War Z the other day really has my mind working. After I watched it, I had the thought hit me that creates books. The thought was: I want to write a book like that. I’ve been thinking about the type of books I write, and the ones I’m drawn to write. I find…

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  • Editing Cessation

    Editing Cessation

     Editing of Cessation is going well. Slow, but all right. Worst part of editing for me I think is this one. Inputting the edits from the paper file to the digital. Lots of work. Slow going. I tend to get bored and want to wander during this phase. Here is a snippet of the area…

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  • Began again

    Began again

     Okay! Finally back to it. Blogging, that is. I’ve had to take two weeks or whatever it was off because of something that came up. I was beyond tired and didn’t want to deal with blogging my word count, or discussing the book while I was incredibly tired. Below is still Under Empty Stars for now. I…

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  • Back to Mila today

    Got more words than I thought I would. Mostly because being a Monday and the first day I’ve written in this story for over a week, (I think it’s been almost 9 days) I didn’t think I’d get many. That means that I had to go back in the story by one full chapter and…

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  • Completed! [dances] #amwriting

    Working on Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood this week. Finished the book! My goal was around 90K words for this book, but as usual the writing of it was far different than what I thought it would be. In edits I add a lot of new scenes and information, as well as details. Details are scare when I…

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  • Rambly Bambly time.

    Working on Witness to the Moon this week.   What do I have to ramble about today? My brain is a mess because I’m trying to do a bunch of things at once. My mom asked if I’d make some homemade bread and banana bread. Now I couldn’t make the traditional banana bread that I personally make…

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  • Gonna stick with Witness to the Moon this week

    Working on Witness to the Moon this week. Figured out why my word count was off from the other day. I was writing just fine, but wouldn’t you know, every program gave me a darn different number! I would’ve opened my old Word 2002, but removing the Office from this laptop took the Word 2002 with it.…

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  • Daily Word Count – March 4, 2016

    Working on Witness to the Moon this week. I’ve been having a dickens of a time with trying out other writing programs now that my Word 2010 license is invalid. My desktop is the 4th to install it on so pfft, it quit. Been trying out other programs. As much as I like the WPS Office, I…

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  • Daily Word Count – March 3, 2016

    Working on Witness to the Moon this week. Yes, I’ve still been working, but the habit hasn’t been ingrained in me to publish a post every day. And honestly I get so wrapped up in my work that I don’t want to take the ten minutes or so sometimes to publish a post. Which is in its…

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  • Mina/Mila and Alex/Stefan connection

    Just heard this song and it’s a little too perfect to describe the thoughts and actions that constantly go through Mila and Alex’s mind in Witness to the Moon (second in the Enchanting the Moon Series after Don’t Go Far). They both have their reasons for not going through with what they want, but at the same…

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  • What is the secret already!

    What is the secret already!

    I’ve been hinting at a few secrets regarding this latest book that I’m editing Blood By Night. One of the secrets that I have been keeping will be a long time coming, but I thought I’d go ahead and divulge the first and biggest secret that I’ve kept regarding the novel.

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  • Today’s lineup

    I’m hoping to finish my last chapter or two of edits for BLOOD BY NIGHT today and the blog post about a secret I’ve been waiting to divulge. Both are almost there! Then it may be in a month I can send BLOOD BY NIGHT off to Creech Enterprises for editing. Got a nice backlist…

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  • #amwriting – Witness to the Moon

    Checking in with Witness To The Moon today.  Only got about 30-45 minutes to write so I’ve gotta let he fingers burn at the keys. This is the second in the Enchanting the Moon series. Mila has just encountered a Lycaen named “Alexander” which she knows isn’t his real name. She’s capable of resisting the…

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