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  • Discovery of an Enchantress Chapter One

    Previously in Claiming the Enchantress “Kylarra will bring war upon the vampires and won’t stop there until all the magical races are destroyed,” Mila stated. “Do you think she has that sort of sway?” Stefan asked, confused. “She will when the ancient creature inside of her wakes.” “Then we need to find her. Now.” Now…

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  • Getting Discovery of an Enchantress ready

    Went through the book. Jeanie sent it back yesterday. There wasn’t much to be checked out. It was mainly a glance since there wasn’t much to change. Same on my end for this round. I’m busy with the formatting for it so I don’t want to spend time on this, but wanted to make this…

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  • All DMDU Chapters are up

    At least in terms of the books that have been published. I’m going to list all of the books and the chapters that I have up on the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. Soon I’ll begin to work through and share character profiles, Mila’s journal posts, and whatever else I have previously posted. I sent…

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  • Which title grabs you most?

    Which title grabs your attention. Come by and vote, leave a comment if you like.

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  • We have finished this one and now to the next

    We have finished this one and now to the next

    Finished Discovery of an Enchantress today at 75,492 words. I was going to continue tomorrow, but the more I looked at that last line, the more I was all . . . no. This is the end of this book. I could’ve continued, but as I was pointing out to my friend Ange the other day, there is…

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  • Low count, but totally fine

    Low count, but totally fine

    Not too many words, but the reason I’m okay with it is because for anyone following this blog, they’ll have noticed that I have been doing nearly 2K or some days over that. And for the often asked question: Do you have a writing goal? (Always ask any question you like – I’m happy to talk…

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  • My word, I’m almost done with this book

    My word, I’m almost done with this book

    Can’t even believe it. I’m not sure where else the story will take me but I am nearly done with this book. I’m not too worried if I stop anywhere around here. In edits, I’m capable of putting in 20K words sometimes and I know there will be areas where I want to add in…

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  • Hopefully this is set up correct

    Hopefully this is set up correct

    I am nearing the end of this story. At this point, I’m a lil’ tired of the world, haha. I’ve been reading the past books like crazy to refresh all the thoughts, ensure I’m not repeating information for a negative reason. And then I’ve written 2/3 in the series (I’m at 71K+ in this story,…

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  • Setting up new lists

    Lemme try and write this up quickly. Don’t have much time. Yes, I was bad yet again not getting this posted yesterday. As I told my editor, I got up late which set me behind. Wasn’t even that much later than normal. I have avoided everything today but my phone I use to listen to…

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  • Time just keeps slipping away

    Time just keeps slipping away

    From Friday, It really does. I feel like I’m in a version of The Twilight Zone. I was thinking about that as I was on my way to bed last night. Or rather, trying to fall asleep after a long day where I tried to get a lot done and very little was accomplished in…

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  • Got a glimpse of Mila’s life to come

    Got a glimpse of Mila’s life to come

    I appreciate all the comments about yesterday’s post. Happy that so many found it worth reading and commenting. Today I’m dealing with a lovely headache that just won’t go away. Aleve is usually my final go-to when all else fails and even that hasn’t made much of a difference so I’ve been taking it easy.…

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  • Reach out

    Reach out

    Communicate. Open up. Tell people how you feel, what you’re thinking. Stop holding it back. This is not permission to be cruel and mean. Communication isn’t screaming, putting down, belittling, trolling, etc. Communication is using words to express our truth in an open and honest way without purposefully hurting another for personal entertainment and gain. This morning…

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  • The Queen is back

    The Queen is back

    Now they’re gonna have their hands full. Not only has Mila made Kat feel better and given her what Kat truly needed (earth’s energy – magic, love, whatever you’d like to call it), but I think this is gonna make Kat feel better than she has in a while. So . . . ya know. Look…

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  • Loss, upheaval, loss.

    It’s amazing how many losses one can go through. Every single year I’ve suffered a huge loss since 2015. 2017 was emotionally nutso and the energies too. It was exhausting. I was hoping 2018 would be better. We are now at May and I’m just tired of all the changes and exhausting losses that keep…

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  • Just word count

    Not in a place to delve into the story today or anything else. So this is just the word count. Today’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress Started Wednesday at – 50,381 Ended Wednesday at – 52,895 Total word count for Wednesday – 2,514

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  • Julian was paying close attention

    Julian was paying close attention

    I shouldn’t be surprised, really. As casual as Julian can be, he’s still a business man so for him, he takes in everything someone says, processes it, and will come to a conclusion in the same time it takes others just to finally hear everything said. His brain is designed to do that with great…

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  • Currently at 49,045 words with Discovery of an Enchantress

    Currently at 49,045 words with Discovery of an Enchantress

    Thought I’d share this featured image pic. I just shared it with my editor. Normally I don’t mention Khaleesi, but this is her little setup. Today is warm out so I have my window open and she’s chatting away with the birds outside. I’ll reshare it below too in case the entire image doesn’t show…

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  • Lots of information

    Lots of information

    I took some photos with the camera on the new phone brother surprised me with last month. I was testing out the zoom and such, here are the results. Any such blurriness is more my hands give a little shake when they are holding a camera and in such a close zoom, you’ll see the…

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  • Consciousness


    All of a sudden completely worn down feeling. That’s so weird, lol. My body has very interesting the past few days. On Saturday I just had pain hit me in my ankles, wrists, and a few bits of shooting pains in my knees. It came on all of a sudden and I was really tired.…

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  • Loads done yesterday – fun Mila in pool video

    Fshew. This word count post is going to have both yesterday and today.  Yesterday I was busy trying to update my All Books page – and then updating the home page as well. Hadn’t realized how far behind I got in the books page until I started to fix things. And I also got…

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